Saturday, 30 April 2011

on a sunny saturday

Look at that summery bag I made, lying in the sunshine on the living room floor.

And just look at that fabulous huge flower perched on the side of it!

A birthday present, and a Most Excellent one at that, from my fabulously talented auntie (who also made my patchwork quilt). What fun!

I've got one on my cardigan, and one on my coat too. A veritable bouquet!

And so, festooned with fabric flowers, we made pancakes this morning.

Some more round and pancake-shaped than others.

And then I spent the afternoon with a friend, ambling along the river, through the woods
and underneath the pylons.

Gosh those things are enormous.

And then things turned a little silly, and I took some photographs of the shower.

Because it's got a hula hoop in it.

Just in case...

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