Friday, 1 April 2011

chickens and photographs

It's been a strange old week, weather and mood both dull and grey, and not much to take pictures of really.

But all that's about to change - I am meant to be learning the art of living cheerfully after all!

So, an evening walk today, and we spied this cheery chicken just up the road, handy for popping in to see every now and again. I do like chickens, and feel a special affinity with them since we looked after a few for a friend over Christmas. This one, with its beady eye, and cheerful curiosity, cheered me right up.

This evening I've mostly spent going through my old photographs (over 17,000 of them would you believe - goodness!) I'm feeling in need of some crafty achievement, and since one of this week's cheerful suggestions was to think about inspiration boards, that's exactly what I've been doing.

In fact, I've been hatching a bit of a plan for a weekend project.

Not going to tell you what it is just yet though... But hopefully it'll be done by the end of the weekend!

Lastly, and because I'd very much like to end on a cheerful note this evening, I spied this gorgeous lemony scooter on our street this afternoon.

How much would I love to have one of these?? Oh, very much indeed. One day, we'll see... Lemon yellow, two seats, whizzing off for a picnic, I can just imagine...

So, I shan't be abandoning this poor little blog for an entire week this time! I'm planning lots of crafty goodness over the weekend, with plenty of photos, so do pop back and see what I've been up to!


  1. How very cheery indeed:)

    I'm excited and through the grey - you find such colour and beauty!

    Chickens, flowers and cheery yellow vehicles! Ace :) you've certainly cheered me up!

  2. If you are to experience the cheeriness in life that you have to recognise that you are feeling dull and grey. That is half the battle right there. I love that you found a chicken when out walking. How exciting. As for that there scooter it is really cheerful and I could just imagine you scooting along with a picnic basket on the back and hair blowing in the wind.
    Cant wait to hear what your crafty secret is.

  3. Thanks :)

    Crafty secret going swimmingly so far (not really a secret!) - have the main materials, just not entirely sure how to realise it...

  4. I want very little in life, but I'd loooove one of those mopeds ;)