Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I just can't think how I've managed to not show you this picture until now. I was just so excited last weekend, and now it's all got lost in the rough and tumble of life-near-the-end-of-phd.

Anyway, these are my new wellies. Technically, I suppose, they're just my wellies, as I didn't have any old ones. I didn't really think I needed them, what with living in a city, and not having much of a garden to speak of. But then my feet did a lot of getting rather cold and wet in all that snow, and walking boots, while very useful, just weren't doing it in the style stakes.

Then we went on holiday, and our lovely friend left us some wellies to wear while we were there, for feeding chickens, going to the beach, and generally stomping about in the mud and several inches of snow. And, oh my, they were just marvellous. Bright yellow, Proper Wellies, with steel toe caps, and moulded soles, I walked for miles in them. My feet just slipped in so easily to feed the chickens, and it was almost a shame to take them off again when I got back in the house. I enjoyed those wellies Very Much Indeed.

Of course, I left them behind, and thought of them fondly on the way home. And I didn't think of them at all the night we got home, I was just busy enjoying being back. But in the morning, it was snowing again, and I went to slip my feet into my wellies, and realised I didn't have any!

A small Wellie Hunt ensued, and we found the exact wellies I'd been wearing all holiday. And which cost £52. Hmm. Another small wellie hunt ensued, and we found these ones - which look very similar, are also very structured and supportive, and have steel toe caps (not that I need steel toe caps, mind you, but it does help with the overall shape of the welly, and it means if I ever *was* to drop anything on my feet, it wouldn't matter). They're also resistant to blood, and acid (again, I'm hoping this won't ever have to come in handy...). And they cost £16, which feels like a lot of money for an entirely unnecessary pair of shoes, but I have worn them A LOT in the last two weeks.

Far more than was strictly reasonable.

But, really, have you ever seen anything so fabulous??

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Christmas 2010

Phew! Made it home in one piece, after a most excellent holiday that felt like some kind of spiritual retreat in the far north. There's so much to say about it, and I know I'd be waffling on all day, so instead I thought you might quite like to see some photos... A varied assortment, but they pretty much sum up the holiday - sunsets, sea, and chickens. Enjoy!