Saturday, 3 September 2011

sunsets - and an announcement

It seems fitting to use a post full of beautiful holiday sunsets to announce that I'm winding up this cheery little blog. This will be the last post here.

It's been nearly 3 years of jolly fun for me, and hopefully a little light entertainment for those of you who've read some of it too. I've read and appreciated every single comment made, and it's lovely feeling there's others out there sharing your life, so thank you.

The good news is that I'm not disappearing, just moving down the way slightly, to a new virtual home!

Please do pop over and join me, I'd love it if you would!

I'll be heading off on a cheerful living adventure...

Orkney in august - the sea

Thursday, 1 September 2011

orkney in august - the home life

Please just indulge me while I stick up a few photos of our lovely holidays. This is the 'at home and eating' set mostly...

That up there at the top is my attempt to sunbathe on our first day - *under* a blanket as well as on top of one... I do so much love being outside! (wasn't a big fan of the midges though). Then we have the lovely Peedie, cheerful dog extraordinaire, who we're missing very much.

Couldn't resist a photo of my washing, blowing in the breeze, something it sadly doesn't get to do much of round here! And it got a nice view of the sea too - also sadly lacking round these landlocked parts.

And oh! chickens! How I love opening the back door and being set upon by a pack of marauding chickens, sticking their beaks into anything and everything. I even spotted one in the car one day... We did carefully check before we left...

Of course, there was plenty of sitting around in cafes drinking tea and eating scones, although bizarrely I seem to have only taken one photo of that in the whole fortnight I was there. Still, a mightily cosy cup of tea it was too.

Hmm, a bit of a mixed bunch now I've put them all here! But plenty colourful, I'm sure you'll agree. You'll have to bear with me, I've still got a sunsets post, and a beaches post, and a flowers post (oops, some little flowers sneakily sneaked in this one too...). And then we'll get back to normal, although there might be a few changes around this little blog too, you'll have to wait and see..

back home

Goodness me, that was a lovely long break!

We've spent the last couple of weeks staying with the lovely Fay and had such a marvellous time that I never wanted it to end. Do you think she would have noticed if we'd have sneakily moved into her house, hiding amongst the chickens and the flowers? We could have been very quiet...

Anyway, we weren't quick enough, so we had to come home (after being housebound by some very rickety gales indeed). And it appears the tomato elves have been very busy while we've been away, turning a whole little pile of tomatoes red for us - how delightful! And there was me expecting the garden to wither and die every time I turn my back - seems it does rather better when I'm not here interfering...

So September (September!) means back to work, which I'd best do in a second. And a whole raft of projects and exciting things to do. I'll be back later with some lovely holiday photos for you to see.