Sunday, 10 April 2011

making things

What gorgeous weather we've had this weekend!

I've spent a fair old bit of in my wellies in the garden (not that I need wellies in this sunshine, of course, but they make me feel like I'm *working*). I'm still trying to dig up the path to make my beautiful seating area - it's going to be a while before I'm sitting on anything other than an upturned bucket, and I'm having to rope in some help this week, but it's getting there!

Anyway, I took a brief break from all that back breaking work to make myself a cheery little new spring-like bag. The pink and white stripes is an old cotton duvet cover I found in a charity shop. The pink and black material is from a dress I bought second hand ages and ages ago, intending to make into a bag, but then I the bizarre idea that one day I might actually fit into it, so I've kept it.

This weekend I've finally accepted the reality that I'm never going to fit into it, and turned it into a bag.

And I'm rather pleased with it!

This week I've also been making soap again, using Rhonda's soap making tutorial. Sadly, I've broken my sugar thermometer, so had to guess with the temperatures, but as with cooking, I'm learning that stuff generally turns out alright in the end (even if I did have to remelt it and set it again). It's looking good so far.

(those brown bits are lavender flowers, in case you're wondering!). It's the first time I've used silicone moulds, given to me by a friend, and I'm really pleased with the way they worked out, so much easier to get the soap out than the glass dish I generally use!

Lots of thinking and plotting going on here this week, the weeks of learning the art of living cheerfully are rolling by at a rolicking pace, and I don't want to lose any of the opportunity to think about things, so I'm going to make sure I spend time with a notebook this week, planning and scheming.

First up on the plotting list is a weekend away by myself. Possibly at the seaside. What fun!


  1. Those soaps look good enough to eat, quite lovely!

    I'm also thinking of a couple of days away but, as I live at the seaside, it will be the countryside for me!

  2. Loving your makes, what a great eye you have. I think that the soap looks edible too.
    How exciting to have a weekend away on your own. Lots of time to think and take stock without distraction and where better than at the seaside. I find my happiest alone times are at the beach. Well I am never truly alone I usually have Moo with me but he doesnt talk back and we often just sit together (once I have tired him out) and think.

  3. Lovely soap - I'd love a few days away alone - what fun.

    Clever you!

  4. I thought the heart shaped ones were peppermint creams to begin with. How gorgeous they are. The bag is a delight too. Perhaps you could do a little giveaway for some of your soap???????? (Okay it's wishful thinking)

    Your blog always cheers me up even when I don't need cheering up!

  5. Your bag looks great. I am at the end of making a bag, just need to take the time and get the straps the length I want and sew on a button. I was looking for the pinking sheers the other day - can't find them at all. hmmm. I like the fabrics you used. On mine I used a fabric I bought at a garage sale and another that was left over from something else years ago. I have many cool sheets to use too. Maybe another bag!

    The soap looks great! Yummy but useful too. What fun! Emily

  6. You are all soooo lovely! :)

    Footpather, what a lovely suggestion! I do keep thinking of a giveaway, but then I always end up thinking I don't have anything anyone would want... Maybe soap is the answer :)