Friday, 29 April 2011

birthday fun

Look at those little furry chicks on those tasty cornflake nests!

I just adore their little expressions, the way they all look different, and the way they won't stay put anywhere, but sneak off for little adventures all the time, hurtling themselves with gay abandon from great heights.

Unlike the chicks, which are wheeled out at every opportunity, those cakes didn't last long, and swiftly following on the heels of easter came my birthday.


I love birthdays.

Off we toddled, out in the sunshine, to take in the view.

And a mighty fine one it was too.

I've never travelled up this road before, and on the way down I was mightily wishing I was on a bike not in a car.

Not quite wishing it enough to cycle *up* it, mind you.

Still, I could happily have joined the paragliders soaring about in the sky.

So, here we are, landed squarely at the start of my 32nd year, and wondering what adventures this one will hold. At least I know there's no PhD-related ones - for the first time in 7 years!

We've just started a four day weekend, thanks to the royal wedding, and the spring bank holiday, and there's plenty of plotting and scheming going on about what to do. Bit overcast today, and not much good for photos, but evidence will be produced one way or another...


  1. Happy Birthday

    I love Castleton , and have walked down winnats a few times after being up Mam Tor ....luckily never had to walk up it!

    Mill dale is nice too but hidden away from the main road...beautiful views


  2. Thanks :) I don't get out there often enough considering how close we live!