Saturday, 16 April 2011

digging holes

My lovely friend took this (not very elegant!) picture this afternoon, after a good few hours digging those holes you can see by my feet.

Don't look very big, do they??

Well, they're not. But that's not exactly sand we're digging through there!

And the point of it all? Well, to rescue those most gorgeous, and enormous, ancient paving slabs that you can see lining the path.

Of course, having freed a couple of them after several days hard graft, I've realised that I can't actually lift the things, and have had to draft in a friend with a sling and a winch.

I thought gardening was meant to be all pottering-about-with-a-basket-collecting-flowers? (I did manage some of that too, as you can see).

So what with all that digging, and a late night party in another city, and only 5 hours sleep, I'm exhausted now! But instead of sensibly going to bed early, I've spent the evening dancing round the kitchen in amongst cutting and sticking for the latest daft project, the photo rainbow. This version's heading for the office, so photos when it's there!

Fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow, I'm digging again...


  1. It looks like ever such a big job that's broke out! Wish I could come and help, perhaps we should arrange a visit then I can. xx

  2. My friends always know when I have spent time gardening - I stagger around clutching my back for days after a digging sesssion! I do enjoy it though, this year particularly I am really enthusiastic and just like so much looking at the results of all that hard work. Very satisfying.

  3. Gardening is an extreme form of yoga-esk ninja type activity. We just hide it behind baskets whilst picking flowers:) sneaky huh?

    Great progress :)

  4. Very satisfying indeed!

    Any help welcome - mother I've sent you a text about weekends, don't worry, you'll get your chance to dig, I know you wouldn't want to miss out! :)