Sunday, 3 April 2011

pondering photographs

So. I had a little idea. Partly prompted by being pointed towards this beautiful photograph (which I've happened upon before in my forays around the internet), and partly by being invited to think about inspiration walls as part of the ever-gorgeous art of living cheerfully course.

The thing is, I take a lot of photographs.

Some of them even turn out quite nicely.

In the past year I've been leaning towards photos of colours, quite close up pictures of every day things, fruit, flowers, cakes (of course), tea pots...

and I've been wondering what to do with all these photographs.

And then yesterday I found some photograph paper in a charity shop, and a weekend project was born.

This is where you come in...

Now, you'll have to excuse the quality of these next three photographs. Much as I like clicking away with my camera, I'm no expert, and standing towering over my creations while trying to get enough light on this dingy day but not cast a shadow - well, it doesn't make for a very interesting picture I'm afraid.

So. I printed off my 36 photos, 3x2 inches, and what an absolutely delightful little pile of cheerfulness they made! Gosh, I was skipping with happiness when I'd cut them all out.

In fact, I was tempted just to keep them as a little pile of photos, because they were so charming.

I'm not going to (not this time anyway) - but the question is, what to do with them instead??

First of all I put them all in pairs, moving through the rainbow of colours. I'm thinking this is my favourite actually.

Then I tried them in threes, all squashed together.

I quite like the colourfulness of this one, but don't know whether the individual pictures all get a bit lost...

So I spaced them out a bit, but kept them in threes, which is cool, but I think I kind of prefer the pairs...


Then I got to thinking, maybe I should just have little individual colour cards.

I'm quite taken with that idea too.

And then I started thinking about what on earth I was going to *do* with whatever-I-ended-up-with...

... until Peter pointed out that creativity comes first, and you deal with the practicalities later.

Right ho.

So. What I've got now is a pile of delightful mini photographs in the middle of the kitchen floor, ready and waiting to be turned into something fabulous, just as soon as I figure out what that fabulous something is.

And would you look at that? The sun's come out, so I think shoes on and out for a walk first.

I love sundays.


  1. They are so beautiful and creative and I wouldn't be able to make the decision either as they all look really good. The mini colour cards would make fabulous greetings cards.

  2. The mini cards are great, but I would be tempted to take the first set-up, of photos in twos through the rainbow, and put it up on a wall somewhere. a corridor or staircase in need of cheering up? at the top of the staircase would be lovely to look at as you walked up.

  3. What a great cheerful thing you have started. I like the color change throughout your line ups. but the color cards are pretty neat too. Neat. Fun. Emily

  4. Gorgeous cheery x Peter is right! X