Friday, 8 April 2011

how can you not love a bookshop with a harpsichord in?

I snuck off for an hour this morning and went to Scrivener's bookshop in Buxton. I've been before, of course, but never fail to be overawed by this place.

When I arrived, a white-haired man in overalls was outside sawing wood. He said hello, asked if I'd been before, and told me he'd pop and switch the lights on in the cellar in case I wanted to head down there to see the Victorian museum. Obviously I did, and meandered through the other four floors as well.

I could have happily moved in.

In fact, the place is so big and rambling that I'm not sure anyone would have noticed if I did.

Missed an opportunity there!

But, oh, how much would I love that to be my living room! (Not that my own living room isn't pretty cheery, but still). I could have spent hours in there, curled up on the sofa in the sunshine, reading and reading, occasionally making myself a cuppa (yes, really), and watching the world go by out of the window.

And up in the music section there's a harpsichord! And a rocking chair.

I'm not entirely sure how they make any money. I tried to buy an old ordnance survey map for £1, and when I told the bloke I wanted it because it 'looked pretty', he raised his eyebrows and gave it to me for free.

So there we are, my new favourite place, and one I'll be heading back to whenever I can.

And really, how could you not love a bookshop with a snogging corner?


  1. It looks like a fabulous place, Auntie Lou would love it too x

  2. I know, I thought of her! I don't think we'd ever get her to leave. I reckon you'd think it was pretty cheery too :)

  3. Jenni that is gorgeous!! And, a snogging corner :) brilliant

  4. Oh my what a truly scrumptious place. Ssshhhh dont tell anybody but I just dont "get" harpsichords. David thinks I need my head testing but when he listens to the early music show on radio 3 I constantly say I just dont like harpsichords. Anwyay, they look lovely and what a really cheery shop.

  5. It looks so fabulous there are tears in my eyes!! I have to go - maybe I could spend a week in Buxton or retire there very soon and just spend all the opening hours in the shop!!! You lucky, lucky person! Please let me have a photograph! I will stop before I get too overwhelmed!!!! X

  6. How wonderful that shop is, I don't think I've ever seen a lovelier bookshop, I could live there forever!

  7. Oh my. This...oh my. I...oh...just oh....and...sigh.

  8. Oh wow, what a wonderful book shop. Just the sort of place to lose yourself in on a Saturday morning. I love it!

  9. What a cool place. That is what a bookstore should look like. Thanks for sharing. Emily

  10. hi there.
    i can't believe how many times i've been through Buxton and never bumped into this little snug of book paradise.