Wednesday, 20 April 2011

big folk, little trains

Really, is there anything more jolly on a spring afternoon than taking yourself off to an industrial museum and having a ride on a little tiny steam train??


Well, I tell you there is not, particularly when it is coupled with lots of friends, a picnic, face painting, a spot of singing, and plenty of sunshine.

Would you just look at that!

Anyway, a very merry time was had by all (even if it was followed by a cinder-in-the-eye trip to the minor injuries unit).

I'm sure there was something more significant I was going to say today, but I've entirely forgotten it in the excitement of re-living the memories of the weekend.

Long live industrial heritage museums, I say, especially those hidden in tiny little valleys, that sell shortbread in the shape of steam trains, and invite you to sing in their forge.


  1. Looks like great fun, although I think we should have had a picture of your eye so we can see the dangers of enjoying yourself too much!! x