Monday, 9 May 2011

has it really been that long??

Has it really been that long since I was last here?

I blame the weather.

Or work.

Or perhaps just idleness. (Yep, that'll be it).

Anyway, I'm back now, and there I am grinning stupidly at my PhD certificate which arrived in the post (appropriately dated April Fool's Day...), which is now hanging proudly in the kitchen.

So, in amongst lots of other slightly-less-interesting things, I've been off having an adventure this weekend. I've been up in North Yorkshire, hanging around with a lovely bunch of people, and learning a few traditional Scandinavian tunes for no useful reason at all.

That poor old flute of mine has hardly been used for 15 years, and then had 8 hours of heavy usage in 2 days! I think it might need another 15 years resting now.

As well as being my first foray into Scandinavian music, it was also my first time sleeping in our new van, which is technically a car, and which is far smaller than our old cheery van.

As you can see, I wasn't altogether without comforts, and I was so cosy I very nearly missed breakfast.

More Adventures Coming Up...

Ooh, and speaking of adventures, we spent a happy morning on the other side of town noseying at a lovely little cafe our neighbours have opened up. How very lovely of them!

Somehow I seem to have failed to get a picture of the cafe itself (oops!) as I spent rather too much time outside ogling the old scooters that had turned up in style to celebrate the opening of the cafe.

What fun!
How many times now have we considered acquiring a terribly impractical, noisy and expensive scooter to toddle off on picnics with?

Oh, so many...


  1. Jenni, I love the photo of you in the car/van, complete with stripy socks and patchwork quilt. My mum *loves* patchwork quilts, so, unless you've made it yourself, could I ask where you got yours from? It would make a great future birthday/Christmas present for her... thank you :o)

  2. oh, big PS: congratulations on your PhD! so exciting

  3. loving the stripey socks and patchwork quilt too. NO WAY should that flute have any more rests. You should now practise every day. Phd certificate is looking good. Never mind the date you got there in the end.

  4. Woot to cheery PhD certificates Dr. Daffs! *claps hands*

  5. Thanks :)

    Maria - my auntie made my quilt, isn't it beautiful?? She's made several now - all for family and friends so far though (although we do keep trying to convince her she could sell them...)

    More photos of mine here:

    and here:

    The others are equally beautiful, and very different!

  6. Hi Jenni. Thanks, and yes, your aunt makes beautiful quilts! Maybe one day I will learn to make patchwork quilts too...