Friday, 20 May 2011

a nice cup of tea

Come with me to the other side of town, we're off to have a nice cup of tea in a fabulous little cafe.

Perhaps you'd like to sit outside in a stripy deckchair and watch the world go by?

Or snuggle up on the rocking chair inside with a book, and have a bit of lemon and rosemary cake?

Which is exactly what I did, in fact. Although it was a close run thing between that and the Guinness cake, I can tell you.

Anyway, there we sat, drawing hedgehogs, and watching people popping in and out. Lovely Sunday morning fun.

(I don't think they recognised me as the same person who, when in the upstairs room at a little tiny gig once, put the heel of their stiletto through the floorboards, and made a BIG LOUD NOISE in the middle of the beautifully quiet music. At least, I hope they didn't, and they were awfully nice to me anyway if they did. Just goes to show why I don't wear stilettos very often.)

It's a good job this cafe's not any closer to my house because I'd be in there all the time, and would be both extremely poor, and extremely full of cake.


  1. This cafe looks lovely. Can we go there next time I come please. I'll have the lemon and rosemary cake. :) xx

  2. Fantastic. I've never heard of lemon and rosemary cake, but now I want to try some!

  3. guinness cake, now that sounds intriguing.

  4. Jenni, there is a competition running on FB with Jessops called My Perfect Moment. So many of your pictures would qualify but I was thinking of the dandelion clock against the sun in particular. It's to win a new digital camera. Why don't you enter? It's not a voting competition as far as I know.