Friday, 10 April 2009

Wildlife and hot cross buns

It's Good Friday, and although I don't do religion, I'm always willing to use an excuse for a cake. The dark rainy weather today also made a hot cross bun (or three) sound very appealing. Peter found a recipe in this old BeRo baking book.

They didn't quite turn out like the hot cross buns you usually see in the shops, but they are exceptionally nice, a bit more like orangey spicy scones. We had some with a cuppa this afternoon. 

We later found a recipe which uses a bread maker to knead and rise the dough, which would probably result in a more bread like, normal looking hot cross bun. Maybe that's one for next year. 

While we were eating our buns, our resident wood pigeon came to the bird table, and spotted me taking a photo of it. 

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