Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Pottering in the garden

I actually got out in the garden for a while today (this was supposed to be a blog about gardening, after all...). Last Autumn I cleared a lot of space around the magnolia in the corner, and the space makes the flowers seem so much more beautiful. 

We don't have much space, and I got rid of a lot of things in order to grow food, but the magnolia is so beautiful, and quite small. 

Today I've been setting out a few stepping stones in the front part of the garden. The beds are already laid out with concrete, so I'm working with what's there already, and trying stepping stones to avoid standing on the soil and plants. 

You can see the magnolia in the background, as well as a very well pruned giant rose bush. I was trying to dig the rose out, it's not well placed, and takes up quite a lot of growing space! But after a lot of effort, when it starting sprouting leaves despite my murderous attempts, I decided to admit defeat and will leave it there presiding over the veg patch. 

This is growing on the living room windowsill. I'm ashamed to say I haven't labelled the pots, and, since I planted lots of things at once, I actually have no idea what this is. This fits well with my hotch potch style of gardening I described yesterday, but I really should start paying more attention if I'm going to make the small space productive enough. 

I'm hoping I'll recognise this as it gets bigger - any clues? 

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