Saturday, 11 April 2009


I'm trying to grow a lot of veg from seed this year, but I seem to have a bit of trouble with herbs. When I discovered the florist round the corner sold herbs in pots, I thought I'd buy a few to start me off.

We've got a lovely book called "The edible flower garden", which shows lots of fabulous things to make and do with flowers, one of which is lemon balm tea. 

I was also tempted by a fennel plant - for some reason a number of our visitors recently have been drinking fennel tea, and I thought we could have a go at making it. And fennel is a beautiful plant, although this one looks a bit droopy now I've planted it. 

I also got a couple of varieties of mint - this is spearmint

and this is basil mint, which I'd not heard of, but which apparently offers 'the summery taste of basil in spring'.

The only herb I've managed to keep alive since last year is a tiny rosemary plant which doesn't seem to have got any bigger, and these chives, which I've been harvesting regularly and putting in stir fries and the quark cheese that I made the other day. 

I managed to grow coriander from seed this year, but I've planted it outside and it's looking a but sorry for itself, so I'm waiting to see how long it lasts... 

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