Thursday, 16 April 2009


My second attempt at making quark cheese the other day didn't work - it didn't set. Then again, the first time I tried it worked, and I didn't do anything much different this time, so maybe I just didn't leave it to set for long enough. I do like the idea of making cheese though, and found these instructions on the Simple, Green, Frugal co op blog for making ricotta. 

It was very easy. You just heat up the milk until nearly boiling, add lemon juice (or vinegar, or some other kind of acid), and stir. When it's cooled a bit, strain the whey off. That's it! I had some on top of pasta and veg, and it was very nice. 

The rest is in the fridge waiting for tomorrow's lunch. 

I've spent much of the rest of the day writing and reading, with a bit of sorting of my sewing area thrown in. I'll post a picture over the weekend. I've also done a quick whizz round of the whole house as my mum is coming to stay tomorrow. Cleaning and tidying is getting much easier the more we sort the house out! 

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