Sunday, 5 April 2009


We've been on holiday! 

Apparently I looked like I needed a rest... Our destination was a secret until the last minute, oh how I love a surprise! 

We drove to Lincoln, a beautiful city that neither of us has visited before. I love exploring hidden corners of Britain (not that Lincolnshire is really hidden). I also love my holidays to be peppered with tea and cake in cafes - and this one certainly was. 

After more tea and cake with friends on Saturday, we cycled along the Water Rail Way. A beautiful stretch of off road track, a water way on either side, and endless views over the Lincolnshire countryside. Today we cycled round a few more Lincolnshire lanes.

We also saw a film in the beautiful 'Kinema in the Woods'. A fabulous building, and a wonderful experience, including an intermission and a pianist. It was nice to sit on something other than a bike seat too.

I find that I'm enjoying being at home more and more, especially at the minute while writing and work are occupying so much of the space in my mind. But this simple weekend away was just what I needed. 

We kept it fairly frugal too. We camped in our van, baked bread and scones to take with us, and cooked curry and casserole before we left to eat cold with bread and cheese. We shared fish and chips at the seaside, but other than that and a couple of rock cakes, we didn't eat out.

After only two days away I feel like I've been on holiday for a week - and am completely exhausted! A good exhausted though, from exercise and fresh air and adventurising, not that insipid exhaustion that comes from a day staring at a computer screen. 

I must remember to get out on my bike again soon (although I admit it was much easier on the flat than our hills!)

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