Sunday, 26 April 2009


I'm aiming to make all of my presents for people this year. I'm trying to keep it all fairly simple, no huge projects that take weeks! 

It was a friend's birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I made this owl coffee cosy. Peter cut this picture out of a magazine years ago, and didn't keep the next page so I had to guess at the instructions. 

I used slightly more, er, lively material than in the picture.

I'm not sure it looks like an owl! But I do like it :) The main background material was a fabulous dress, being put to many new uses, and the eyes are the buttons from the cuffs. 

We also put some of the home made soap in this pretty pink box. The soap won't be ready for another three or four weeks... but fortunately our friend is very patient.

And tomorrow is my birthday! We're going on a very exciting surprise day out, no idea where yet. I'm looking forward to it! 

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