Thursday, 23 April 2009

An early morning plod

I went for a run this morning, the first one of the year - about time too! I didn't actually do much running... but I did take a few photos. 

These pretty little daffs are the first thing I see when going out the door. They're in the shade most of the day, so have only just started coming out this week. 

First of all I went up the hill and past these exceptionally well kept allotments. You can just see the church in the cemetery behind the hedge. 

Then down this little footpath... 

And out in to the fields on the top of the hill.

I went through this little stile and off to the right - the path straight ahead is nicer, but I didn't want to go that far down the hill before work.

Over the fields a little bit, looking out at the view, and then down this bit of a hill.

Then over another field, and then back into civilisation.

I walked straight out from the house, and was only out for about half an hour in total, so you can see how close we are to the edge of the city. The views are great (even if the hills aren't).

I got back from work a while ago, and found Peter building a compost bin! So hopefully that'll be up and running soon. He'd also spotted another little critter to add to the collection we've seen in our garden - this tiny little mouse. 

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