Sunday, 9 August 2009

A weekend by the sea

This has nothing to do with gardening, or sewing, or baking, but everything to do with resting, relaxing, watching, listening, and seeing some gorgeous colours and textures and places. Oh, and ice cream, of course. 

We've been to the north east coast for a couple of days, and the sun shone, the sea was blue (and rather cold), and we had a lovely time. 

I don't know much about geology, but that part of the coast is fabulous, worn away, intricate patterns, rock pools and caves, beaches like the surface of the moon. The highest cliffs in England too, and the most amazing seabird colonies. We stood and looked down on the birds, swooping and nesting, it was a strange, and very noisy, experience. In other places, the coast is eroding, several feet in the last few years, apparently, gardens and roads just slipping into the sea. 

Not much else to say, but I tried using my the camera on my phone, and the results aren't too bad. 

I'm hoping for another few weekends like this before the summer's out... 


  1. Gorgeous photos and it all sounds lovely! I found your blog on soulemama--congratulations on your Ph.D! Your reflections are inspiring to read, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Joy! I'll pop over to your blog for a read tomorrow, I love 'meeting' new people like this :)