Wednesday, 19 August 2009

More cheery things...

Well, after an early morning flurry of activity (of the cleaning-out-the-fridge-and-writing-a-shopping-list kind), I've ground to a halt. And since yesterday's cheery things post cheered me up to carry on with the rest of the day, let's do it again, shall we? So here are a few cheery things from today...

... the sunshine (again)

... the anticipation of waiting for my new camera (today, please?)

... and the planning of all the lovely pictures I'll take with it

... home made yogurt that turned out just right

... the tiny, tiny rocket seedlings growing on the living room window

... the yellow tomatoes that are nearly, nearly ripe

... the lady across the road who knocked on the door this morning to tell me my clothes airer had blown down, scattering underwear all over the yard in full view of the whole street, and who offered to let me use her washing line

... my gorgeous rock star boyfriend, who will be constructing our own washing line, very soon

... strawberries for breakfast

... a cheery small, frugal sewing project that's very nearly finished

... old pictures from my school days that are now on the wall round my desk

... the prospect of maybe even too many cheery opportunities to choose from when the PhD's done

... my new home made attic blind, which will be fixed up later today

Now, about time I went to sit in the garden with the laptop to wait for the postman, I think. 

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