Thursday, 20 August 2009

Budgeting, and a bit of handmade goodness

I made these little cash purses today, partly inspired by Heather's post about budgeting. I had a proper budget for a while, when I was trying to make sure I had enough money for two months off work. I used the envelope system, putting each bit of money into a plastic cash bag from the bank. 

The system kind of dropped off when I actually stopped working, ironically enough. Not going to work seemed to save me spending quite a lot anyway (hmm....), and I just got lazy. Now I've been off for a few weeks, with the prospect of being off for a few more (fingers crossed...), it's about time to instigate the system again. 

But those plastic bags just weren't inspiring enough. So here are the little purses. Not really robust enough to carry round all the time, but that's not what they're designed for. The one with the birds and flowers on is for the garden budget (of course). The pink one with the stars is for cheery things. The one with the leaves on is for food. And the butterfly one? For emergencies. No link at all, just liked the fabric :)

I'll do a more sensible post about the difficulties I've had with budgeting, and what I'm learning, another day, I just wanted to show off my lovely little 'envelopes' that I'm so pleased with. 

And, while we're talking about home made things... this Cheerful Dragon (yes, that's his name) arrived in the post the other day. 

My sister had asked my 3 year old nephew what he thought Peter would want for a birthday present, and he said "I think he'd like a dragon". Of course he would :) It's got pride of place on the kitchen windowsill, feet planted in basil plant pots, and very happy he is too. 
And for no reason at all... this is the garden bench when I arrived home this afternoon. I love, love, love the late afternoon sunshine on the water on that bench. I'm so glad I painted it blue, it makes me smile every time I open the door :) 

And from one enthusiastic colour to another... this is where I found myself planted at 9pm tonight, staring, as I have done for most of the day, at the computer screen. Bleurgh. But got to keep writing, for the time being at least, and this cosy corner of the attic sometimes even makes it seem alright. 

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