Monday, 17 August 2009

Cheery things...

It's a slightly gloomy Monday here, not the weather, but rather the getting-back-to-work after the weekend type gloomy.  So, to lift the spirits, here's a list of recent cheery things to be grateful for... 

... a new second hand camera, which should be here tomorrow! I can't wait. 

... a visit from mother, and a helpful hand in the garden over the weekend

... the two giant wood pigeons chasing each other clumsily around the lilac

... the three completely different types of hover flies landing on the rose right next to my arm in the last five minutes

... the sunshine

... a new, hand sewn green and brown blind for the attic (and a camera to take pictures with, did I mention that??) 

... old paintings from school dug out of the loft and soon to be on the wall

... a story written by my own six year old self, about the very tall mouse and the very small mouse, which I'll share as soon as I can show the pictures

... the frog I discovered camping out in a damp plastic tray under the garden bench

... discovering that I've managed to switch sides half way through knitting a dish cloth - with 'artisan' results

... making more crumpets

... a lovely man agreeing to examine my PhD - in November! That soon? So it'll all be over by the end of the year, fingers crossed

... the prospect of picking blackberries, very soon

... sitting in the garden, staring at the flowers and birds, and wilfully ignoring the laptop (oops)

There, that's better, isn't it? 

Pictures of, oh, so many things later this week... 

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