Friday, 21 August 2009

Belgian buns and potato bread

We're off to a Belgian themed party tonight... 

And I thought a few Belgian buns might be in order. They certainly are.. 

And while I was kneading and baking and waiting for things to rise, I made some Russian potato bread. 

Which I made into a pizza base. 

Which was very tasty :) 


  1. Mmmm, looks very good.I have never heard of Belgian buns. They looks like cinnamon rolls with sultanas instead of the cinnamon filling. Your dishcloth looks good too.

  2. Thanks Rhonda, nice to see you! I think they are pretty much cinnamon rolls! I did sneak a bit of cinnamon in there, even though it wasn't in the recipe... ;)

    I have no idea if they're even originally from Belgium, seems like a generic dough recipe. And they usually have icing on the top too.

  3. Wow, the cooking looks great! Would love the Russian Potato Bread Recipe. What did you put on the pizza?
    I've just found your blog and find it very interesting! Like the idea of the photo's, one of work and one of rest! Matches Rhonda's theme today. Keep working on that Phd.Norma