Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Making rugs

I came across this beautiful rag rug, and several others, when we went to a heritage day at a local outdoor museum. I love rag rugs, and have made a couple of small ones in the past, but not for a while. Seeing this one reminded me how much I enjoyed it, and prompted me to dig one of my old ones out from under a lot of other things :) It's not big enough to use as a floor rug, which is why it ended up in a bag of fabric, but I'm thinking maybe a chair seat or something? I'll post pictures soon.

This rug also reminded me that my mum requested a rag rug for her christmas present. Much as it seems bizarre to be thinking about christmas at the height of summer, I also remembered how long the last rug took to make, what with finding the hessian, designing the pattern (the last one was just simple stripes, but I'm not sure about this next one), cutting all the little pieces of fabric, poking them all through holes.... 

I actually found it a very relaxing way to pass the time. Of course, the rugs were initially functional, using up old clothes and, well, rags, to make a warm covering for a cold stone floor. I do like the idea that something so useful ends up being so beautiful :) 

It's more of a wintery craft, is rug making, sitting indoors, maybe in front of a film, or listening to the radio. But it's looking like I might have to start doing it out in the sunshine some time soon...

Speaking of presents, here's a small glimpse of one I finished this week for a friend. Can you tell what it is?? I couldn't resist trying to take just one more picture with my camera, and these are the results.

Rather beautiful in their way, I thought :) But I will post a proper picture when I get chance, I'm quite pleased with this present. 

Right, I must get to bed. It's very late, there have been lots of handmade birthday preparations tonight... :) 

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