Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The end of March, the beginning of April

I thought it would nice to have a post at the end of each month, reflecting on things I've done, new things I've tried, and how things are working out in this quest for a more home grown life. 

I've stared lots of seedlings off, and made space in the garden for all the fruit and veg I'll be growing. (I was going to upload a photo but blogger isn't playing today...). We've already eaten rainbow chard, spinach and some herbs this year. 

I've started sewing again, and I'm enjoying it very much. I'm planning on making pretty much all Christmas and birthday presents this year. 

I've had a go at making soap - got off to a ropey start but it's drying out nicely now, and will hopefully be ready to use in a few weeks. I'll hunt out some coconut oil and try a different recipe this month. 

We've done lots of decorating in the bathroom, and it feels much more homely now. I think this sort of thing is important for feeling at home in your home (if that makes sense), freeing up a bit of space, making things easier to keep clean, and generally more relaxing.  We even managed a good bit of spring cleaning of the kitchen and entrance this week too. 

Money wise, I've checked my cash book today and I've actually stuck to the budget this month! Well, overall I have, although the 'emergency' fund was spent on tea and cake, and the 'garden' fund on food :) I'm learning.... 

I've eaten either at home, with friends, or taken a packed lunch every day this month, no more bought sandwiches for me! 

So overall, a month of trying out new skills, growing and sowing and sewing, and making life easier (funny how it sometimes seems to get more difficult in the process!)

As for April.... It's my birthday in April :) Which automatically makes the whole month more cheery somehow. 

In the house, we'll carry on pottering and decorating and organising. I'll make some more soap, experiment with some more food from the garden, and do some more spring cleaning.

In the garden, I'll clear some more space, build a compost bin, plant some veg out, and regain the seating area to sit out at tea time. 

At work, I'll take a packed lunch every day :) And I'll try not to spend (too much) time resenting my phd and more time actually writing it...

I'll stick to my budget, try more soap making, have a go at another sewing project, and spend more time writing, more time outside. 

And I'll look back at this post at the end of April and see how I've got on. 

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  1. Hi Daffy, it looks like you're doing a lot of good things. My birthday is also in April, consequently I think all good things happen in April. Both of us can't be wrong. ;- )