Monday, 30 March 2009


I'm very much enjoying the lighter evenings this week. An extra hour of daylight in the evenings makes such a difference. There's time after work to potter in the garden and have tea watching the birds. What a treat! I can almost feel the summer... 

Last weekend a friend gave me some seeds.

"I've had them for a while..." she said - since 1979! The packets are actually quite beautiful, they seem rather old fashioned now, and I think I'll keep them to make into birthday cards. The forget-me-nots say "sow by December 1983" so I suspect they won't grow, but I'm tempted to try.

The nasturtium packet apparently "seals in the harvest-fresh vitality and germination. Normal ageing of seeds beings only when you open foil pack." I think I'll plant a few, and if by some miracle they do germinate, I'll write to Webbs Wonderful Seeds (if they still exist) and let them know.
Talking of seeds, I planted some broad beans this evening, straight into the ground, which I've never done before. I'm from the hotch potch school of gardening - put things in willy nilly with gay abandon, let them fend for themselves and watch the results. If I'm going to eat much that I've grown myself this year I might have to do a bit more planning! 

But for old time's sake I've just pressed a few broad bean seeds here and there around the beds, just to see what happens...

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