Thursday, 26 March 2009

Soap news, and brandy snaps

Between bouts of writing today I've been checking up on the soap mix. It's looking a little better today, although it's nowhere near setting yet. Looks like I might have got to the 'trace' stage now. I'll leave it another day or so and see how it's doing. Even if it doesn't work, I'll try again (measuring things properly this time!) as I'd love to have home made soap. 
My little lettuce pots are doing well, it's probably about time they were repotted. I'm being cautious about putting them outside, as every other year I've done that they've been eaten almost immediately. So I'll put them in bigger pots I think, and wait til they're a bit sturdier. You can just about see how close the edge of the garden is to the road in this photo. 

For tonight's tea I made two casseroles (one for tomorrow) with onion, carrot, kidney and adzuki beans, potatoes, and some rosemary from the garden. To fill the oven I thought I'd make some shortbread to have with friends at the weekend. 
It looks and tastes nothing like shortbread, but it does taste very much like brandy snaps! I wish I'd thought to curl it when it was still soft. Best put it in a tin before I munch it all now! 

I'm enjoying this little blogging journey very much. It's making me think much more about how I spend my time each day. My main business of week days is usually writing, but instead of mindlessly wandering around the internet during (unscheduled) break times, I'm stopping, getting away from the computer, and doing a little housework, or sewing, or chatting, or just sitting down with a cuppa. 

It's made such a difference these past few days! I feel much less wound up, much less resentful about my work, and I'm actually getting more done, not less. How wonderful.

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