Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rainbow chard and unsuccessful soap

I've been writing today, and as a break I popped into the garden to pick some rainbow chard, spinach and chives. 

Isn't that chard a beautiful colour? I chopped it, steamed it, and mixed with an egg, milk and cheese mix, then topped with fried onions, grated carrot and oats and put it in the oven. It was exceptionally nice! Sadly there wasn't very much, I'll make more next time. 

This evening I've been having a go at making soap for the first time, using Rhonda's instructions on her beautiful 'down to earth' blog. I must have gone wrong somewhere... as I've been stirring for an hour and a half (yes you read that right!) and I still don't have a 'trace'. 

Perhaps I should get a set of scales, rather than guessing amounts? Or use an electric mixer? 

An online help guide suggests stirring for 5 minutes, leaving for 15, stirring for 5... for 3 hours. I've already done half of that, so nearly there! 

Looks like that's my evening planned out then... 

If it ever sets, I'll post a photo. 

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