Saturday, 28 March 2009

A soap success!

Good news! After remelting, mixing and leaving overnight, the soap has set! 

I've cut into blocks and it's drying on the windowsill. It's still a little bit soft, but hopefully it'll dry out over the next few weeks. 

I've also been doing a bit of sewing the past few days. My friend's son will be four next week, and I'm attempting to make this naughts and crosses game. I haven't quite followed Tammy's pattern as I'm not the world's greatest seamstress, and I'm just using what I've got in the house. This is the board, with velcro on each of the squares. 

And these are the pieces - I couldn't quite manage naughts and crosses, so I've gone with chickens and flowers with a felt backing.

Today has been restful - sewing, cooking, pottering, a visit to the library, and tea and cake at the Women's Institute Country Market down the road. We go here every Saturday morning for a cheap cuppa and some gorgeous home made cake and crafts. We usually have a couple of friends join us too. A lovely start to the weekend. 

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