Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I've been thinking about this blog and what to use it for, and after reading other blogs I think I'd like it to track my journey along the path to a more peaceful, simpler life, growing food, making presents, and generally slowing down a bit and having a cheery time :) 

I've been reading Rhonda's blog about simple living recently, and it's inspired me to think about all the things I've done already, and things I'd like to do. This is a nice way of thinking things over for myself, even if nobody else ever reads this blog.

I'll talk about money today, as in the past it's been one of the main stresses in my life. 

I've never been one for spending money on clothes and handbags, but I do tend to fritter it on cups of tea and cake in cafes if I'm not careful... It's surprising how much you can spend on that! 

A couple of years ago for a number of reasons I'd managed to run up debt on an overdraft and credit card. It got to the stage where I was having bank charges taken out, which would make me overdrawn, then I would get more charges, and I was only ever paying interest off the credit card. I decided it had to stop, and with some frugal living, changes in phone bills, and cutting back, I managed to pay both off. I cut up the credit card and closed the overdraft facility. 

Yesterday I noticed I'd gone overdrawn for the first time in about 2 years! And it was only because I wasn't paying attention, having a coffee here, a piece of cake there... So today I'm bringing myself back to reality with this post. 

I'm well on the way to sorting out my budget (although I'm still not perfect!) I now live on the income I get from two days work each week. I save £2 coins for holidays and treats, and small change to go towards an emergency fund. I feel much better about money, and don't feel that pang of dread when I open a bank statement (except yesterday!).

I don't want a lifestyle I have to work full time to maintain, and I'm fortunate that I don't have one, and neither does my partner. At the minute I'm writing up a phd (of which more later), so I effectively 'work' more than full time, and I'd rather it didn't continue. When I've finished I'll carry on with my part time job at least for a few months rather than jumping straight into a full on, full life job. I'm realise how lucky I am to be able to do that, but part of it is through the choices I've made too. 

Tonight I'll sit down and tweak my budget, to see what I've been doing this past month to get off track. Then I'll put some bread in the machine (which must have saved us a fortune since we bought it, we go through at least 4 loaves a week!) and do some sewing. 

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    It's fine to link and I look forward to your future writings.