Thursday, 9 June 2011

not that I'm starting a series of cafe-related posts or anything...

So, one day we were out in the street, admiring this gorgeous yellow scooter, when we got chatting to the bloke who owned it.

And he told us he was opening a new cafe on the other side of town.

And that it was going to be a great cafe, with a jukebox, and lots of other fabulous things, and we should go down to the opening celebrations, which we did - but we couldn't get through the door so had tea and cake elsewhere instead.

Last week Sunday morning was rather dreary and rainy, so we decided it was high time we headed back to the new cafe.


The jukebox!

The music!

That combination of turquoise and red!

The most divine scrambled eggs!
I think you can probably imagine just how excited we were.

And just how many times we will be going back in the future.

I've also started a new campaign, having discovered that Peter *owns* a jukebox, which is currently languishing in a garage somewhere, because it won't fit in our kitchen.


Can we get rid of the table?

The stove?

Build some kind of extension out into the garden??

You'll probably see me stalking about like a woman possessed with a tape measure in the weeks to come, figuring out just how we can get an enormous 1970s jukebox into our kitchen.

Because it's got to be possible, right?



  1. It has most definitely got to be possible :-) and I love that Cafe, wish it was near me!

  2. Not that there would be anything wrong with you starting a series of cafe related posts or anything :)
    love the jukebox-in-a-kitchen idea. Have it in the living room instead of a sideboard?

  3. Living room has a cellar underneath and the floor is rather too flimsy for something so heavy! Kitchen it is :D

  4. How high is the head room in the cellar? could you recreate a little cafe/snug of your own in there. We go to a cafe in town and we always like to go down to the cellar because it is all cosy and snug.

  5. Would it go it the chimney where you've got the little red sofa??

    And can we please go to this cafe when I come some time? x

  6. You can't miss an opportunity like that. Get the floor re-inforced, lol.

  7. Mum - I reckon it would go very nicely there - that's what I'm arguing for :D Peter reckons it's too big, but I know better (despite the fact that I haven't seen it...)

    And yes we can go to that cafe - we'll be doing nothing but cafe trips next time you're here!

    Cherisong - cellar is a (very!) long term plan..... :)

  8. Glad you took the time to go back to the little cafe. What fun. Jukebox in the kitchen - ya man. emily