Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I've been neglecting this little space of mine lately, blaming full time work, and all manner of other things, for my absence.

Today I've realised that one of the reasons I've been staying away is because I haven't taken any nice pictures to post.

Ah, perfectionism rearing its ugly head yet again!

Not that I only ever post 'perfect' pictures on here, of course... but I do rather like them to be sunshiney, cheery, happy pictures, of colourful things, pretty things, not blurry round the edges, or gloomy, or have dust on the shelves and piles of washing in the background.

Well, guess what? As we established in this post, my life does have dust on the shelves (rather a lot of it, as it happens), and washing festooned over the banister, and the sun doesn't always shine, and sometimes I can't take a decent photograph to save my life.

What a shame to stay hiding away because of that!

I like pottering about in here, talking nonsense about what I've been up to! I do love to look back at the pretty photos, and the finished projects, and the flowers in the garden - but if I avoid popping in here until I've got something fascinating to say, or have completed the world's most wonderful project, or taken a fabulous photo, well, I'd probably never come here again!

So instead - here's to slightly blurry photos, that don't look quite as good as they did in real life.

Here's to half finished projects, slightly sunken cakes, flowers that are past their best, and walls that aren't decorated.

Here's to gardens that are still full of rubble, blackbirds that eat your strawberries, and slugs that sneak into the living room at night and slither their way across the carpet (hmmm...).

And here's to chasing tonight's lunar eclipse across the hills, and not finding it, but instead finding a very pretty sunset that, guess what? Looked much better in real life than it does in the pictures.

I'm practicing folks!


  1. And heres to a life that is full of happy moments that we dont overlook.
    One of my happy moments today is seeing your sunset sky. Very pretty indeed.

  2. beautiful photos. I think they are cheery. It is always better in person, but I think photos remind us of what we remember. Emily