Monday, 20 June 2011

for today...

Outside my window... it's not-quite-dark, and the rain's falling steadily

I am thinking... about the poor young sparrow I saw get hit by a car this morning

I am thankful... for a quiet half hour, just me and the rain, in this busy week

In the kitchen... lunch is ready for tomorrow, and the washing up is done - a rare feat in this house!

I am wearing... gorgeous little button hair slides I got from the farmers market yesterday for 20p. 20p!

I am creating... an 18 month plan of Exciting Things to do and learn

I am going... on a train every day this week. Every single day

I am wondering... whether I will ever get bored of travelling on trains. I doubt it very much - I love trains. Good job really (see above)

I am reading... inspiring tales of people leaping headlong into new adventures even when they're a little bit scared

I am hoping... that I'll make it through this week without being too grouchy, and that Thursday will turn out to be as exciting as it could be

I am looking forward to... Wednesday, when I'll be staying with a friend I met through the internet, and who I now work in the next building to. And Thursday, when I'll be staying with a friend I used to work with, and now only talk to through the internet. Funny old world.

I am hearing... the rain. I love listening to the rain, especially in the dark. I'll be off to bed soon to listen to it pattering on the skylight.

Around the house... it's pretty quiet. Unusually, things are calm and still here tonight.

I am pondering... what the future will bring - and doing my best to make sure it's something exciting.

One of my favorite things... steady rain outside, while I'm all cosy with a mug of hot chocolate inside. Perfect.

A few plans for the rest of the week: trains. workshops. friends. maybe a little knitting. and certainly some plotting and planning.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
(actually, my picture is at the top, and in no way reflects how I'm feeling right now, which is quite calm and pensive, and not at all swirly and lollipoppy. But I couldn't find a calm-and-pensive picture, and this one is after all rather jolly, so it'll have to do)

Sleep well! And pop over to the simple woman's daybook to join in!


  1. I haven't been on a train in ages. Sounds like it would be an easy way to take an adventure :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  2. I love the idea of making an 18 month list of new things to learn and do!!

    Jennifer in New Mexico!

  3. loved reading your journaling!

    your's awesome!
    would love to see that!
    and what book is that..that your reading? sounds so fun and interesting!

    yep...gotta love lollipops..yummy!

    (visiting from 'simple woman's daybook)

  4. What a lovely post :)

  5. Thank you, you lovely lot!

    Melody, actually no particular book, been mooching around blogs, always inspiring!