Sunday, 27 February 2011

a jolly (exhausting) weekend

Oh what a jolly weekend it's been! Today I've been out for the first bike ride of the year with some lovely women, round town and through the woods, and plenty of cafe stops. I got thoroughly wet and very muddy, and had an excellent fun! It felt so good to be out, even in the rain.

And even after only 4 hours sleep. Ahem.

My mum, auntie and cousin visited yesterday, as my auntie wanted to buy a pair of shoes from this fabulous shop, which is not far from here. I've walked past plenty of times, but never been in, so it was a little adventure in itself.

Look at those sewing machines! And really, is there anything more fabulous than purple shoes?

There's been quite a bit of baking this weekend too, although goodness knows where I found the time. Fairy cakes, a lemon drizzle cake, and my second attempt at bagels, which I'm sure would have been as lovely as the first attempt if I hadn't forgotten they were in the oven...

They were rather crisp when they came out...

So all that, plus a post-phd fancy dress party, and an afternoon of tea and toast with a friend, has meant I'm rather worn out. Do you think they'll notice at work if I take tomorrow off to sleep?


  1. How lovely and how exhausting! Take it a bit easier tomorrow!!

  2. What, no photos of the fantastic costumes?

  3. That's a point? Where the photo? Sounds like a lovely weekend though, the kind of busy exhausting that actually recharges the batteries that have to chug through the usual routine of weekday working.

    Very mouthwatering cakes xxx

  4. Actually I've spent today entirely worn out!

    And no, stupidly I didn't take a photo of the costumes - oh dear! I'm trying to see if anyone else did... Sorry!