Sunday, 6 March 2011

sunday morning

Ah, Sunday morning...

thinking I really need to sleep in the guest bed sometimes...

eating teacakes, pancakes, leftover crumble for breakfast...

reading Trubloff, the mouse who wanted to play the balalaika...

plotting a rescue of the reduced supermarket basil...

listening to this

What delights is your Sunday morning holding?


  1. lovely post as always Daffy. Funnily enough I have just finished blogging about my Sunday. I do so love Sundays and I understand why you need to sleep in that guest bed it looks very inviting.

  2. What a beautiful tulip light sitting on your guest room bedside table. And lovely looking basil. I keep wanting to plant my basil seeds, it is just a bit too soon. I will try to be patient. My Sunday was laundry, moving seedlings outside for sun and a light breeze, cleaning areas in the garage and screen porch (can't focus on just one I guess). It was a busy and productive day. I need another day like that where I can get some things done (clean & sort) Emily

  3. Thanks!

    Emily - would you that lamp was being thrown away by the charity shop? I'm glad we rescued it in time, it's rather twee but I love it! I must confess that I didn't plant the basil myself, it was a reduced pot in the supermarket, that I thought I'd try to bring back to life. I've transplanted it and given it more space, but it's still looking a little sorry for itself.

    Glad you had a busy and productive day!