Sunday, 20 March 2011

the art of living cheerfully

Today is the start of me learning the art of living cheerfully, and I'm jumping up and down with cheeriness already!

I dressed in a ludicrously colourful outfit in honour of the occasion - red and black stripey tights, green skirt, blue velvet jacket, polka dot scarf...

... and then Peter found this silver lightbulb, and I caught sight of myself in my daft outfit in the lightbulb, and we laughed and took far too many photographs...

So... here's to living cheerfully, to multicoloured clothes, and silly photographs, and fine tea, and plum pancakes, and breakfast in bed, and reading in the sunshine...


  1. I love this post. I love the lightbulb picture and I love your attitude.

  2. I love your attitude as well.

    And thank you so much for writing about
    the course ~ I hope it continues to
    keep you happy ~ although I kind of suspect
    you are already a pretty upbeat kind of gal:)


  3. Thank you both! :)

    I love my attitude too when it's that cheery :) I've worked hard on it over the years!

    More course-related-cheeriness coming soon! :)