Thursday, 24 March 2011

scones in the sunshine

I'm having a lovely few days off, I tell you, and trying to full embrace the idea of living cheerfully. The sun's shining, and there's been scones and hot chocolate and tea, a ducks and trees and water. What more could you ask for?

And, while I'm at it, can I say how much I appreciate all your lovely comments that you leave here? It really is so heartwarmingly gorgeous when people say cheery things! I have no idea how to contact people who leave comments directly, so will often reply in the comments themselves - if anyone could enlighten me that would be great! (I'm sure it's really easy...)

Today's excitement involves a pickaxe, a pneumatic drill, my fabulous steel toe capped wellies (see, I KNEW I'd need them one day!), and a concrete path.

Also tea, coconut cake, and sewing.

I fully intend to eat my breakfast in the garden, in the sunshine, for the whole of the summer, and that involves work, now, and plenty of it. Photos to follow, although I can assure you they won't be beautiful ones just yet!


  1. I enjoy sitting outside eating. It is getting hot here, but still nice in the shade to enjoy the outside. I am trying to watch if birds are moving into the bird house that I made and hung out last fall. I hope so.

    I don't know how goggle works, but when someone posts a comment on my blog it also shows me their bog/web address, so I can just click on it to look at them and see what they are up to. I have mine set up so that I approve each comment. I would think somewhere in your comment section when you are signed into your blog to write and edit there would be a place that it shows who your commenters are....I would think, it does on mine (wordpress), I am just not sure on google. Do you know someone personally that has a blog on google that could tell you where to look? hope so, hope it is easy. Also hope I am making sense! Emily

  2. Thanks Emily! I've just popped over to you to say hi. You did indeed make sense! I think I can get at people's blogs, but not email addresses - but I will try to just pop over and comment instead.

    I've got mine set to moderate comments on posts more than a week old, don't want to miss anything!

  3. OH I am glad it helped. I just looked at the way the comments show on mine. it shows the blog address, then the email. If it doesn't on yours, when you go over to their blog, sometimes they have an email in the sidebar somewhere or listed under a contact page or something.

    Enjoy your day. Emily

  4. coconut cake?

    did you say COCONUT CAKE?

    do you have a recipe?


  5. Sadly the coconut cake was at a friend's house, and I believe it actually came (shhhh) from a shop! So no recipe sadly (although I'm sure there's plenty out there). Mmm, you've made me think about it again now - maybe I'll see if I can dig out a recipe myself...