Thursday, 17 March 2011

where did the time go?

Anyone care to enlighten me where the last week and a half went?? Goodness, the time really is just flying by at the minute!

Time for a sneaky little update on what I've been up to I think. This time last week you could have found me and my mother up here in the sky...

... looking out at the sun setting over the city on the London Eye. Then there was dinosaur-watching to be done, parakeet-spotting, eating and ambling around, and generally exhausting ourselves walking miles and miles in the sunshine.

Work has been rather pesky this week, taking up far too much space in my head, and causing me to not be my usual efficient self in the rest of my life.

Like the day I took the car to the garage, and got home to find I'd left the house key attached to the car keys - which were in the garage.

Nice excuse to spend the morning in my favourite little local cafe I say.

There's been lots of building and sawing and hoovering and moving things going on in the house too, and I came home the other day to find I had a new desk! It's still waiting to be filled with lovely things (as is that new cheery little shelf above it), but my little attic is shaping up nicely I'd say.

I've been doing a spot of palace creation myself this week too (a very little spot mind you!). This bookshelf is one Peter built to fit in a specific place in my old house, and it's been kind of hanging around a bit here. It didn't have a back, as it didn't need one in the other place, but the floors here are all wonky, and the walls aren't straight, and, well, I wanted a back on it.

What better than a 30p fabric remnant and a staple gun?

And just how good are staple guns for quick cheery projects?! Oh, ever so good!

Oh! And would you just look what's peeping its little head up on the living room windowsill! Beetroot! That means I'm going to have to get out and do something in the garden soon...

So, there you have it, a whistlestop tour of my week. The next few weeks are going to be fun, I'm signed up to a cheery little online course, the art of living cheerfully, which starts on Sunday. I'm so excited!

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