Thursday, 10 February 2011

a phd-free week!

Ooh, I'm enjoying life without the PhD! This week has been ever such fun so far. Nice, cheery, gentle fun, starting with fairy cakes at the Women's Institute on Saturday, of course.

And I've been working at home for the last couple of days, up in the attic, which has got a very different feel to it now it's not full of PhD-related paperwork. I can't quite believe I've never had hyacinths in the house before! I'm very much enjoying their bright pink stripiness, and the smell!

Ooh, and can you see what's in the background there? That quilt, on the bed? My lovely auntie made that for me for Christmas, and I'm very much enjoying seeing it laid out on the spare bed in the attic while I'm working away at the desk. Not a fabulous photo, it's been rather grey and dreary round here of late. I'm sure it'll crop up in the background of plenty of photos this year.

I've also had fun playing with my spirograph this week. It's surprisingly satisfying - as is colouring in the little swirls and squiggles.

Tonight, however, I'm working to a tight deadline. I somehow appear to have replaced the PhD with an Urgent Knitting Project - arm warmers for a friend who's heading to the arctic circle tomorrow morning.

I'm thinking she's going to need more than arm warmers.

Best get back to it though, I'm only half way down the second arm, and it's not going to knit itself...


  1. That sounds like a fab week and I LOVE that quilt - happy PHD free Feb :-)

  2. LOVE the Spirograph cards! The quilt your aunt gave you is lovely. The arm warmers you will be knitting sound right up my alley. I just signed up for a knitting class. I know the basics (knit and pearl) but have never made anything. Arm warmers & fingerless mittens are on my list of things to learn. Oh the smell of hyacinth is wonderful. Emily

  3. opps! I guess it is "purl" not "pearl"
    like I said - I am going to start a class soon. Maybe they teach spelling too! Emily

  4. How lovely to have crafty cheeriness back again or is that cheery craftiness. Whatever, I have missed these type of posts so I assume you have missed the experiences too.

  5. I have indeed missed the cheery craftiness and crafty cheeriness! And I'm looking forward ever so much to getting some more done!

    Oooh, have fun at your knitting class emily! Fingerless mittens are quite easy to make, let us know how you get on!