Friday, 11 February 2011

would you just look at that

I've had rather a sense of deja vu today.

This afternoon I picked up my thesis and handed it in for the final time. It felt rather different to when I handed it in the first time. I didn't have the same sense of 'good riddance!', more a sense of tying up loose ends, which is much more satisfying.

Of course, I was met with rather a lot of bureaucratic nonsense and form-filling that left me so frustrated and feeling so flat that I just *had* to go to the museum cafe, and then couldn't help but burst into tears when they told us they were closing... But, you know, it's been an emotional day!

Still, I'm smiling again now, and as I went looking for that blog post about handing the thesis in the first time round, I ended up ambling through a whole load of other posts about the PhD too. It's actually quite interesting to have your life compartmentalised according to little blog post tags, and I rather laughed at some of the stuff I came across.

For a start, I sounded every so sensible after I was told I'd need to spend another year writing. I'm sure I've done a whole load more childish tantrum throwing in the months since then! And I found this cheery post, about what I was going to do after the PhD, which set me all to thinking about what I *was* doing after the PhD, and how I really want to sit down and think about some nice shiney new goals for the coming months.

Out of those goals I wrote back in August 2009, it's nice to see I've actually achieved a few. I've got a lovely new job, which uses the PhD, and is fabulous and interesting and worthwhile. I was 2 days a week for a while, and now it's full time, which I said back then I didn't want, but which has its advantages, especially since it's only temporary. I've written on this blog a little more, although I'm not sure I can say it's been consistent or regular just yet.

Oh, and there's a mention of those trapeze lessons again...

One thing I've been planning to do for a while, but don't think I've mentioned yet, is this course. Entirely frivolous and unnecessary, but what fun! And really, after the last 7 years, I'm very much feeling in need of a few weeks of 'living 'meditation' of presence, aliveness and cheery connection'.


  1. Congratulations and well done on handing in wearing wellies!
    Enjoy some cheery fun now! X

  2. What a feeling. What an emotional day. The course you have mentioned sounds really interesting. I am glad to hear you like your new job too. Enjoy your day...what ever you are doing. My day - trimming a few trees and working on making cards. Emily

  3. Thanks :) Sounds like you've got a lovely pottering day planned Emily!

    My day's just coming to an end, the evening's just started, and I'm all dressed up ready to go out to a gig and then a cocktail party!

  4. Never mind the wellies I love that scarf! So nice to hear that you are going to do a course that sounds right up your street. Now waiting for you to get those trapeze lessons sorted out :-).

  5. I will sort the trapeze lessons soon, I promise! The scarf is fab, isn't it? I bought Peter a similar one last year, then proceeded to steal it rather often, so he bought me my very own.

    I'm sooooo looking forward to the course, I'll make sure I tell you all about it!

  6. Congratulations. Must feel so satisfying. xo m.