Tuesday, 22 February 2011

photobooth silliness

I'm feeling quite giddy and silly today - no particular reason, other than having got lots of work done, having a lovely new place to store my wellies, and having picked up my cowboy boots from the menders with lovely new heels on.

So in honour of that, and the fact that it's Tuesday, and because, well, why not? I'm sharing a little photobooth silliness with you.

I've only recently discovered photobooth - if you don't know it, the laptop takes photos of you!

So here's me, with a cup of tea (naturally) - four times, because I didn't realise I'd pressed the button that takes four photos. I can see a lot more of this daftness coming in the future!


  1. That's spooky, the first two pics really don't look like you at all.

  2. Well I can assure you it is me! I've had a haircut and now have a fringe - you won't have seen it yet! Maybe that's why...

  3. you do look very different with a fringe and your hair looks darker than I remember.
    Hurrah to silliness on the laptop!

  4. It's not really that dark, there's a light right behind me and it's messed up all the colours :)

    Oh dear, I seem to have confused everyone!