Saturday, 25 September 2010


Well, here we are all of a sudden past the autumn equinox, and there's been a definite nip in the air these past few days. The nights are drawing in now, and I've been finding myself all ready to head out into the garden after tea, only to find it's already gone dark!

So, there's not much gardening going on around here at the minute...

But there is still a little bit of outsidey-ness, and a few little day trips, which I do love oh so very much.

First up, do you see that scrumptious cake at the top of the page there? That almondy-hazelnutty-meringuey-cake? Notice the name on the serviette? That's right, that was our trip out to Betty's tea rooms with work. Oh, it was good! One day I'll be saving up and going there for a proper afternoon tea! (And it *will* be a case of saving up, since afternoon tea costs more than my current weekly food budget!)

Slightly less sophisticated, but no less enjoyable, was a little amble I took around the local area, finding myself heading into an old cemetery I'd not visited before. Bit of a grey and rainy day, but fresh, and I certainly felt like I'd earned my tea and cake after walking all the way back to the top of that hill!
Another little mini adventure this week was heading to the cathedral in town for a lunchtime sing song. The cathedral puts on lunchtime recitals a couple of days a week, and Peter sang there this week with some friends. It's not a place I go to very often, but I'm always astonished by how big it is, right there in the middle of the city.
So, altogether a bit of a bitty week, lots of zooming around the countryside on trains, enjoying work rather more than I'd imagined possible, and a little bit of PhD squeezed in there too. I am noticing rather a lack of creating things going on round here though... Hmm. Must do something about that this week! What with our friend still sleeping in my little attic working space, and all this work malarkey, all I've managed to sew this week is new lining into the living room curtains! Much as I adore that useful type of sewing, it's not really much good for pictures.

So, here's a little promise. A bit of creative crafting this week, of one type or another (possibly not sewing though!), and a bit of gardening too. And fingers crossed for a little bit of sunshine to take photos in too ;)


  1. How lovely, you're being very productive!

  2. Hi.Thanks for a peak into your week with nice photos too. I am into Fall garden mode. most things planted and peaking up like green beam, zucchini, lettuce, cucumbers, winter squash and tomatoes. Tomorrow is a good day for planting below ground veggies so I hope to get beets and carrots planted. There are still so may other things to work on out there. A few other garden areas that I want to enlarge for colorful things. Oh so many trees to trim and trim and always more to trim. Our days seem to bee cooling, but I know there heat isn't gone here yet. But it is at a cooler temp out there in the morning and evening and a good time to work. OH I know what you mean about the night creeping it earlier. I am not ready for that part yet. Have a great week. Emily

  3. Lovely photos, and some lovely days out. When my memory card reader turns up from Amazon, I promise I'll work at posting photos on the web - see, you've got me *trying* to be creative, anyway