Saturday, 2 October 2010


Well, would you just look at what came out of my garden last week! Runner beans, rhubarb, spinach, rainbow chard, yet more yellow knobbly courgettes, a couple of tomatoes, and a whole load of herby flowers. And they all seemed to just grow, all by themselves! How's that?

I'm also very much enjoying my decision to paint that bench blue :)

A week of dancing and trains here, so not much gardening or craft, but I am taking some sewing round to a friend's this afternoon (and some cake!) so let's hope this is the start of a bit more creativity round here.

What's your weekend going to involve?


  1. I have my sewing machine out finishing a project I've been asked to do, then I have 6 Christamas projects to finish,3 of them are quite major,2baby quilts to make asap and a crocheted blanket to finish! All of this while trying to encourage(!) a mopesy teenager to do research for homework, keep her spirits up and deal with a nasty cold! You know what? I love it and you should see the lovely fabric bits all over my floor-very colourful!! Hope you manage some sewing today. ( I expect some of my projects won't be ready in time for Christmas!)

  2. I'm incredibly in awe of what you've produced! Weekend, um gardening - a bit of propagation and plant in need of a home!

  3. All good stuff! Auntie Lou, I'm impressed at all your sewing! Especially while trying to encourage a mopsey teenager... (!) Poor girl! :)

    I did in fact manage a little bit of sewing today, but only a tiny little bit! :)

  4. The most sewing I've managed this last week is to shorten 2 shower curtains!! But today I've been out for lunch with loads of friends from choir and didn't get home until 5pm. Ok, so I know it's not sewing but we had a good laugh, which sometimes seems in short supply just lately. xx

  5. Laughing is always good! :) And much easier than sewing - although it sounds like you've done a fair bit of that too! :) Glad you had fun x