Friday, 8 October 2010

I didn't get to take many photos while I've been in London this week, what with dashing about, meeting friends, and training courses lasting most of the daylight hours. I did sneak in a walk along the canal though as the sun was setting, and most beautiful and refreshing it was too.

It's all about writing this week, writing, writing, writing, and since I've been chatting to a lovely friend who is also writing, and she's found it helpful to start the day writing on her blog, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Not that I've been up to anything half so exciting as she has to tell you about! So I'm sticking with a Simple Women's Daybook entry, because I'm enjoying those at the minute, and it's easier to answer questions than to come up with something new all by myself.

Outside my window... fog, would you believe! And drizzly rain. I can barely see the other side of the street. The whole place has a fabulously gloomy Dickensian air about it, a proper autumnal feel that makes me want to get all cosy in the house. I've got herbal tea, and candles, and soon I'll be heading towards the sofa and a blanket with the laptop I think.

I am thinking... about the writing I need to do, and how I have ten weeks left in which to finish this PhD. Again. Ten weeks! I'm actually trying *not* to think about that too much right now.

I am thankful for... a trip to London this week, an inspiring and interesting course, and a lovely 88 year old man who kept me entertained on the train home. Oh, and being back here in my own house, of course, very thankful for that.

From the learning rooms... lots of paper from the course, and two chapters waiting to be edited.

From the kitchen... plenty of cups of tea, and not much else so far today. Looking forward to some nice home cooked food tonight though after a couple of days of restaurant fare.

I am wearing... non matching stripey socks, a long black skirt, and my hand knitted cardigan! (really must sew on those new wooden buttons soon).

I am creating... WORDS.

I am going... to spend the day writing, and the evening at a party. How lovely.

I am reading... nothing in particular at the moment, must sort that out at the library tomorrow.

I am hoping... for a focused day of enthusiastic concentration.

I am hearing... the kettle boiling, and Peter singing a little song.

Around the house... a few candles, to lighten the gloom outside.

One of my favorite things... being cosy inside when it's cold outside.

A few plans for the rest of the week: writing, a little jaunt to a party tonight, a night *in* tomorrow, more writing, and perhaps even a couple of days at work.

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  1. Hi - Great photos. Thanks for sharing them. I loved the photo of your Burnwood Glass Robin and the reflection it made. Very Cheery indeed! I also live the concept of the Simple Women's Daybook. It is a nice glimpse into what you are up too. Thanks. I am sending your some positive writing vibes as you work on your PhD. Emily

  2. Thanks Emily, I could do with those positive vibes right now, much appreciated! xx

  3. OOoh a PhD that's wonderful!

    Your pictures make me ever so homesick...!

  4. PhD doesn't feel very wonderful at the moment, but thanks anyway :) And sorry (and glad!) to make you homesick :)