Saturday, 2 October 2010

Burnwood Glass

Well, I did promise a spot of creativity today!

And creativity there was indeed - although sadly not much of my own. But off I toddled after lunch with a coconut and lime cake from the Women's Institute (of course), across town, sewing bag in hand.

And we sat, and us girls sewed, and we ate cake, and drank tea, and chatted about this and that, and at the end of the afternoon I'm managed to cut the bottom off one skirt, and cut some green lace of another. Very productive! But I'm plotting a little flurry of bunting making soon, and might even be brave enough to try to sell some of it, so watch this space...

Meanwhile though, would you just look at that stripey fish! How stripey! How cheerily fish-like it looks! You see, the house that I went to is full of creativity already, and is the birthplace of these cheery stripey fish. All over the kitchen wall were fish! And robins! And spiders! With little top hats on! Oh, so cheery, winking and blinking in the sunshine, hanging looking sparkly and marvellous while they wait for new homes.

Well, I suspect that, while my Christmas presents this year may all be hand made, they might just not all be hand made by me... :) I have, in fact, completely fallen for these cheery little robins, and I'm hoping one of them might just sneak its way into my own Christmas stocking this year. Well, I know it will, because I'll be putting it there myself, just to make sure.

And if you fancy a little robin of your own, or as a special treat for a cheery person (or a miserable person, come to that - might cheer them up!), then hop on over to Burnwood Glass and have a nosey round. The solar flower fountain deserves a special mention in my opinion, as does the kaleidoscope, and there's even a little video to play with!

So not much in the way of creativity from me today, but I do hope these cheery little robins and fish make up for it. And now I really must get ready - I'm off for a little dance...

Photos thanks to Burnwood Glass.

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  1. How beautiful - off to check out website. Thank you x