Friday, 17 September 2010

jolly times

Would you just look at all those colourful whirly lollipops! Just the thing for a mildly grumpity out-of-sorts day, don't you think?

I've been off swanning around London this week, something I don't do too often, but which I do enjoy very much indeed. Meeting friends (and a new baby!), wandering along the river, an afternoon in the British Museum, and lunch in a crypt, no less! Oh, and a bit of work too, almost forgot about that...

I'm back now though, and busy attending to the ordinary everyday stuff again. I'm experimenting with getting up early to start writing - oh how I do love those early mornings with the sun streaming into the kitchen!

We've got a friend staying with us at the minute, which means I've lost my little attic refuge/ work room/ sewing space for the foreseeable future. I spend a lot of time up there, and very much value having a bit of my own space. So, things have had to be shuffled around a bit.

So, here's the temporary solution, a little corner of the bedroom for me to work in for the time being.

It's not *quite* as cheery as the attic, and I get shoed downstairs at regular intervals so normal bedroom activities (dressing, sleeping, afternoon-napping) can be carried out in peace, but I'm warming to it, especially the rocking chair by the window. In fact, I'm warming to it so much that I might not want to go back up to the attic later...

Anyway, spurred on by the excitement of creating this cheery little space, I decided to tackle another little DIY job that's been bugging me for months. You know the ones, that shouldn't take more than an hour, but one thing leads to another, and another, and before you know it you're wallpapering the entire living room and replacing the windows. It's not *quite* that bad, but not far off.

Another cup of tea first, I think...

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