Wednesday, 8 September 2010

a cheery day out

I've had ever such a lovely day today (well, we'll skate over the trip to the dentist this morning - hmmm). I toddled into town and caught a double decker bus out to the peak district to meet up with some friends. A double decker! Goodness, i felt like an excitable small child on an adventure. It really was such a lovely journey, looking out over the moors and back across the city.

First stop, Bakewell. Would you like a little tour?

Upstairs in a tiny cafe first, for tea and toast. I love this cafe - when you order tea, you get a teapot, top up of water, cup-and-saucer-and-teaspoon, and a strainer with its own little dish. Seven bits of tea-making equipment! Makes the whole thing more of an event, don't you think?

Anyway, out of the cafe for a little walk along the river and through the park in the sunshine.

There's always so many ducks and geese on the river, and no end of people to feed them. One of the houses overlooking the river was for sale, and I had to give myself a very stern talking to indeed before I started to wander off in a fancy of living there, ambling out with leftover breakfast to feed the ducks every morning, before heading into town for tea and a piece of Bakewell pudding!

Anyway, let's not get carried away, let's hurry back over the bridge to the car instead, for the next stop.

Just a couple of miles up the road, to Cauldwell's mill.

It's a working flour mill, but we didn't have a tour today, we were heading for the cafe.

First though, we had a wander down the side of the river. How cheery to be at eye level with the ducks! And another little *tiny* pang of jealousy at the back garden of this gorgeous house!

So, after we'd worked up an appetite, it was time for a little pop into the cafe. Ooh, and it was just as cheery as I remembered! Look at those benches, and there's bunting! I've no idea why it was so empty, but it got a bit busier as we sat there.

So, more tea, of course, and a bit of cake. But which to choose? Coffee? Date and walnut? Ginger and pineapple? I chose lemon in the end, and swapped half of it for half of my friend's carrot cake. Absolutely delicious, both of them, although if pushed I might have to say the lemon had the edge.

And, of course, you can't visit a flour mill without bringing home some flour. And I just had to make some bread straight away. It should be ready soon, the smell's started drifting through the living room. Is there anything more gorgeous than the smell of bread baking?

Altogether, a lovely cheery day out, I almost feel like I've been on holiday for a week! I really must have cheery little days out like this more often. I feel nicely set up for a few days of PhDing now!

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  1. It looks like the best kind of lovely cheery day out to me! What a wonderful place. The cakes look divine, and I bet the flour made some beautiful bread. You're right - there's nothing more gorgeous than the smell of bread baking, though the smell of homemade bread toasting is pretty darn close! Thanks for the mini vacation. :)