Sunday, 1 August 2010

afternoon tea

Well, it's Sunday afternoon and I just fancied a cake. And some strawberries. And tea-in-a-teapot.

So that's exactly what we had. And very nice it was too. I don't normally bother with a recipe for sponge cake, but we've been talking about the old Be-Ro recipe book here recently, and there's a recipe in it for a sponge cake without butter, just 2 eggs, 3oz sugar, and 3oz self raising flour.

Surprisingly, it does actually turn into a cake! (I must confess to being a little doubtful...). But the verdict seems to be that it's a little on the dry side, and would be better with jam in the middle. Or custard. Or ice cream. Or, as my auntie (who made her own version the other day) put it - it's a 'with something' cake. Definitely.

But still, it was very nice, and perfectly acceptable for Sunday Afternoon Tea with a few strawberries.

Would you like to see the little cheery bargains I got from the charity shop yesterday? 49p each, and they seem to have been hand painted, maybe by a child and parent?

Yep, handpainted glass jars, one with flowers and caterpillars on (with stuck on googly eyes!), and the other an underwater scene with lots of stripey fish. They're living out in the garden at the minute, as I'm trying make a few litle special secret places out there, with little colourful whimsical things to happen across, and these seemed just right.

They also came with lids, so I've put a tea light in each, and popped the lid on to keep the rain out, and now we just need a nice warm evening so I can sit out there and light the little candles and have a nice glass of something tasty.

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  1. HI - The cake looks good, but sounds like a perfect cake "with something" like your auntie said. You asked in the past comments if I have a blog - Nope. I have thought about it. But it comes down to not wanting to take the time. I know I wouldn't have to post daily, but I am just not sure I am "ready". I enjoy "looking" around at other blogs but find lately I am not even taking as much time to do that. I won't say I will never have a blog, just not right now.

    I like the little colorful jars you found at the charity shop. I found a bright yellow ceramic cat at a local thrift store the other day....already out in the garden. I just love the little "things" poking up here and there. This yellow cat was a perfect find for the garden.

    Enjoy your day.