Friday, 20 August 2010


I love stamping. It's not something I do all the time, in fact we have one stamp in our house - a hamster - which gets stamped on every to do list or shopping list that passes the kitchen table.

So for Peter's birthday I decided we, oops, sorry, that should be he, needed another one.

And what better than a hedgehog? I do like hedgehogs.

We sometimes draw little pictures of hedgehogs on to do lists, old envelopes, shopping lists (I'm sure you're getting a very bizarre impression of our lists!), and I searched and searched for somewhere I could maybe upload one of our little drawings and have it turned into a stamp.

But I didn't find anything cheery enough, so I took pencil (and screwdriver, and craft knife, and kitchen knife, and lots of other highly dangerous implements) in hand, and made one myself.

And isn't he cheery?? We're having lots of fun stamping hedgehogs on things. Because what's more fun than stamping? Hedgehog stamping, that's what!

(I'm not going to give any kind of instructions, because I kind of just botched it in what might be described as a slightly dangerous fashion, and wouldn't want to be responsible for encouraging anyone else to do themselves a mischief. There's plenty of tutorials out there for making your own stamps though - some of which I probably should have read before starting mine...)


  1. Great hedgehog stamp. Have you just carved it in a bar of soap? I like your idea of using a stamp on your lists. I use the backs of envelopes a lot for lists. Instead of putting them in the recycling right away, I use them for lists then recycle them. I still have a lot of other little notebooks around but them envelopes work great. AND I have a few boxes of stamps. I think I will get a few out and stamp my envelope lists. What fun! Thanks for the idea. Emily

  2. Morning Emily!

    To do lists just seem so much more cheery with small animals on them!

    It does look rather like soap doesn't it? It's not though - it's just an ordinary pencil eraser (just one that appears to be shaped like a bar of soap!). Probably would have been easier to carve it out of soap though!

  3. Your hedgehog has crazy feet!! In a good way x

  4. what a lovely little hedgehog, he looks as if he enjoys being created by and living with you! xxxx

  5. Crazy feet indeed - have you any idea how difficult it is to carve tiny little hedgehog feet! But thanks, I'm sure he does enjoy living with us :)